The refining of 3D development solutions, in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, comes from the several requests advanted in the last years by companies belonging to different product sectors: automotive, food beverage, fashion, moda e costume, biomedical, furniture.

This type of development is particularly functional in sales and to provide training packages simulating in a 3D environment a product’s features, its structure and usability, simplifying the approach to its use proposing explicative tutorials, for instance. Thus, according to the sector where this action is set, we define to what extent details are to be pursued, starting from which we define the model’s rendering type: Real time rendering or Pre rendering.

Next step is making a photo shooting to get the references to be used during the creation of the model and the materials. Then we create the model, with Blender or Maya, and we set the UVs on which the textures will be applied. The shading step must give the model colour, dielectricity, lucidity, micro surfaces, and possible transparency, thanks to textures, and this is made Substance Painter and Substance Designer. In the case of Pre Renders a set of lights is set up within the 3D software and then rendered to get definitive video or picture, while, in the case Real time renderings this happens in real time in the environment where the model will be placed.

The use of models built with such protocols allows to make use of several graphics engines: the use of WebGL engine, for instance, guarantees the full, comfortable fruition of virtual objects from one’sbrowser, regardless if desktop or mobile.

The reached performance allows us to estimate our today 3D proposal as in line with the best that is currently offered in the world market, as some of the most important companies in the IT sector have established setting partnerships and collaborations implying the 3D working is not delimited to modeling only, but sees us instead operating in Web optimisation to offer incomparable User eXperience.