People often face the need to make systems based on protocols, policies or apparently incompatible technologies, communicate with each other. Thanks to the acquired experience, we are able to structure and build adequate connectors to overcome communication difficulties, simplifying and increasing the efficiency of work flows, reducing dispersion and mistakes.

Analysing and building ad-hoc solutions allowing the use of cross-systems in a synchronous or asynchronous parallel way is our foundation for the development of IT solutions that are since the beginning integrated with the portals the companies use, such as for example Galileo, AS400, vTiger, SAP and Zucchetti. We realize the interconnections of infrastructures and with special communication channels to guarantee dynamism, scalability, safety and Legacy System.

Such goals are therefore pursued regardless of the different needs but starting from processual protocols related to data optimization engines, using the objectives of Black Box, innovating data mining and optimization system, and taking data to be shaped in way related to aggregation logics and for exploitation in marketing and business decision actions.