We invent technology joining our technical skills and a noticeable creative push with a very clear vision: not stop innovating.

Askii’s IT proposal evolves starting from the inputs proposed by the market. Ever since its launch, the first need has been building an efficient, self-financing commercial offer able to guarantee growth and subsistence through software trade. Developing tailor-made technology for companies all over the World has allowed to identify the best unity of measurement to assess the real appeal our proprietary platforms have on customers, thus commercialising products that are consistent with what the market requires in that situation.

Creating one’s target, realising tailor-made products. We are evolving the concept “market of products” putting the definition of Demand before the offer of Supply, guaranteeing extremely higher conversion volumes together with a significant containment of cost items related to advertising and marketing.

Applications for Smartphones, Tablets e and Wearable Devices, responsive Web Sites, Softwares for integrated management, all IT solutions are aimed at improving the performances of a Company turning to Askii with a clear need: making use of technology to reduce costs and increase incomes.

Reducing redundancies, inconsistencies and latencies of any kind, introducing automations and proceduralization, optimising and improving processes and contextually presenting oneself in the best possible way on the highest-impact commercial showcase the market offers: the Web. It is also the ideal environment to expand the range of interested and possible consumers, introducing a scientific and meticulous promotion of data, and as well taking advantage of Askii’s package of Marketing and Digital Communication.

Askii method has allowed to evolve and improve our proprietary platforms in the commercial segment Business To Consumer, directly addressed to the final user, and resulting from internal research and development activities, contextual to ordinary operative activities, self-financed ever since the birth of the first company belonging to the Group.

Individuata e decifrata opportunamente la need che il mercato propone tutto ciò che passa dall’idea tecnica e creativa, allo studio di fattibilità e scelta delle tecnologie, allo studio grafico e della User eXperience, alla costruzione, commercializzazione e successiva diffusione del prodotto viene interamente concepito e realizzato internamente, avvalendosi all’occorrenza di specifiche consulenze esterne.

We have created our target audience, trying to train conscious consumers so that it wouldn’t be us telling them what in our opinion was right to do, but rather to hear from them what was best to be made, in order to deliver an ideal instrument, result of an unrefined input evolved and improved thanks to our vision and our competences, with the clear goal of realising the best IT proposal on the market.